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Academic Work in Countries with Federal Travel Warnings


The quality of the educational experiences, the pursuit of a full range of research initiatives and the safety of students, faculty and staff are the first priorities of the University of Kansas.  The university recognizes that faculty and graduate students may wish to conduct academic research in countries currently under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning and and has made special provisions to accommodate these needs, as stated in the University-sponsored Travel to Locations with Travel Warning Status.  Faculty and graduate students who wish to conduct university-sponsored research in dangerous locations should refer to the Faculty, Staff, Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Scientist Assumption of Risk and General Release Form or Graduate Student Assumption of Risk and General Release Form (pdf), as appropriate.

Owing to concerns for student and faculty safety, the University of Kansas does not support education abroad (to include all international, for-credit and non-credit experiential learning activities) to locations where a U.S. State Department Travel Warning has been issued.  Students will not receive university sponsorship — including credit for academic programs, financial aid and scholarships, funding for research or endorsement of co-curricular and extracurricular activities — if traveling to these countries.

In unique circumstances, exceptions to this policy will be considered by petition to the Education Abroad Review Committee (EARC), a standing committee of faculty and administrative personnel that meets three times each year to consider proposals for KU-sponsorship in  countries where U.S. State Department Travel Warnings have been issued.

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