KU-UCR Collaborative Research Fund

Building on Costa Rica campus

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.

The KU-UCR Collaborative Research Fund is a special fund that was created to strengthen the long-standing relationship between KU and the University of Costa Rica. It is administered by International Affairs. The fund's objective is to set up solid international collaborative research projects in order to advance scientific knowledge. It facilitates the development of research proposals of excellence that are relevant for the research priorities of both institutions. The fund also supports the establishment of substantial international collaborative research teams to successfully secure external funding.

Application Process

Proposals from all areas of research can be submitted to International Affairs. Interdisciplinary projects are especially encouraged. When possible proposals should include researchers from the University of Costa Rica, who will be considered "external collaborators." Dissertations, thesis papers and publications will not be supported.

Proposals will be evaluated by a review committee, created specifically for this purpose. Faculty members should expect written feedback concerning their proposals. Priority will be given to affiliations that create new opportunities for KU/UCR faculty members and enhance faculty teaching and research at both institutions.

Funding will be made available immediately upon notification of award and funds need to be spent in accordance with the fiscal year cycle.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please email proposals to Whitney Denning at whitneydenning@ku.edu.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria and requisites should be included in the proposal:

  • Name of the proposal
  • Timeline for execution
  • Researchers' names
  • Common areas of research
  • Background about previous collaborations
  • Applicant's curriculum vitae
  • Project's general objective
  • Description of state-of-the-art in the area of proposed research
  • Implementation plan (methodology and activities), including the planning grant
  • Chronology of the activities
  • Detailed budget
  • Applications should be no longer than ten single pages in 12-point font; two-page curriculum vitae for all of the principal researchers from both institutions must be appended
  • A letter from the department chair or dean endorsing the project
  • A letter from the counterpart institutional unit endorsing the project

Additional Considerations

Researchers should have a good knowledge of Costa Rican regulations concerning biodiversity protection, bioethics and human subjects research. The budget cannot be used for faculty salaries and infrastructure. A clear description of the expected outcomes of the collaborative research is essential.


Contact: Whitney Denning, Internationalization Initiatives & Events Manager