Our Work

Students talking at International Jayhawk Festival


Connect KU and the world through the promotion, integration and support of international activities.


Advance a more just and inclusive society by leading in global cooperation, innovation and talent development.


As a comprehensive international research institution driven by over 150 years of pioneering commitment and contributions to international education, we pride ourselves in providing all students, faculty and staff with the finest international learning and work environment possible through our programs, services, and strategic collaborations across campus and the world. We are committed to bringing the world to KU and KU to the world.

How we serve KU

We bring scholars and faculty from across the globe to KU, adding new perspectives, knowledge, and research experiences to classrooms and labs. 

Through our immigration services, English language programs, and student engagement programs, we support more than 1,700 international graduate and undergraduate students from over 100 countries as they fully engage as Jayhawks on the KU campuses. 

We develop study, intern, and research programs in over 70 countries across the globe in collaboration with faculty and academic departments, providing opportunities for students in every field of study to have an international experience.

We support the international work and research of faculty and graduate students, advise on international funding opportunities, and support the development of intercultural skills and global awareness on campus.

We welcome short-term students and scholars to campus and provide high-quality academic and cultural programs to visitors from institutions around the world. 

KUIA Units

The Applied English Center offers students and scholars at all levels of English proficiency language classes to prepare them for study and research at American universities. 


  • Academic & Intensive English Instruction
  • Tailored Online & In-Person Programs
  • Placement, Proficiency and SPEAK Testing
  • English Teacher Training

KU International Affairs oversees the comprehensive international efforts of the KU Lawrence campus. 


  • Internal/External International Affairs
  • Agreements and Partnerships
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Budget Oversight (Management)
  • Policy
  • Strategic Internationalization
  • Fundraising
  • Initiative & Innovations
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Curriculum Internationalization
  • Faculty Travel & Research Grants


International Short Programs develops credit-bearing, field-specific short courses for visiting international groups. 


  • Non-Degree Student Programs
  • Professional & Faculty Programs
  • High School Programs


International Support Services provides immigration services to student, staff, and faculty and keeps KU in compliance with federal immigration regulations. 


  • Immigration Compliance & Advising
  • International Student Emergency Management
  • Orientation, Integration & Cultural Programming
  • Sponsored  Students and Jayhawk Semester

Study Abroad and Global Engagement develops and implements global educational and research experiences for all students and faculty on campus and abroad. 


  • Study, Internship, Research & Service-Learning Abroad
  • Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management
  • Student Travel Registry
  • GAP & Global Scholars
  • Passport Acceptance Center

Being a Global Jayhawk Means:

- Going outside your comfort zone
- Learning from a diverse university
- Opportunities to learn 40+ languages
- Bridging cultures
- Advocating for cross-cultural understanding
- Leading students to international careers