International Travel Grants for Graduate Students

Tree in Tanzania

Due to current international travel challenges, the timeline to utilize funds awarded in 2022 has been extended. Funds received from this grant must be used for activities proposed in this application. Travel for this international activity must initiate prior to the end of FY23 or June 30, 2023.

International Enhancement Grant

International Affairs will fund a small number of grants of up to $1,000 on a competitive basis for graduate students seeking support to pursue relevant semester or summer-long internationally-focused academic or training opportunities in Latin America that will enhance their degree programs at the University of Kansas. The International Enhancement Grant supports directed, off-campus international activities in areas that do not duplicate opportunities or coursework available at the University of Kansas. Owing to restrictions on the funds we have available this year, we are only able to provide international enhancement grants to support travel to Latin America. We are working on developing additional funding streams to support travel to other parts of the world in future years.

Applicants may be students from any discipline, department, or campus; must be enrolled in a program leading to a graduate degree at the University of Kansas; and must have completed at least nine credit hours of graduate coursework at KU by the time of application. Students of any nationality may apply, but projects must occur off the KU campus. Students who will have completed their KU degree program by the semester of the grant are not eligible. This grant is intended for early career graduate students enrolled in terminal M.A. programs or in the very early stages of Ph.D. programs. Students who have passed their Ph.D. comprehensive examinations are not eligible.

Successful applicants will have an objective that can be feasibly obtained over the grant semester or summer. All projects must have an international focus. In addition to a personal statement, applicants should provide the review committee with a detailed description of their proposed program, such as a syllabus, course description, or program brochure. If the opportunity is not a regularly offered course, a detailed summary of the activities should be written and confirmation of supervision from a host institution faculty member or on-site supervisor must be provided. Grants may not be used to support participation in a KU overseas study program or to support any research activities.

The International Enhancement Grant selection committee welcomes applications for participation in internships abroad. It is important for applicants to document (a) that they have the requisite skills for the position, (b) the content areas that will be addressed, and (c) how the experience will enhance their academic program at KU. Please keep in mind that the grant was established to fund programs that enrich students’ regular studies and is not intended to support the fulfillment of degree requirements, including earning degree credits.

Examples of Eligible and Ineligible Projects

Eligible enhancement projects include:

  • Enrollment in language classes not offered at KU, but directly pertaining to your KU degree program.
  • Participation in a directed internship program that will enhance academic/professional credentials. The internship must not be one that is required to fulfill a KU degree component.
  • Attending degree-relevant classes not available on the KU campus.
  • Attending a month-long workshop or series of workshops overseas related to an area of study at KU
  • Activity must take place in Latin America.            

 Ineligible enhancement projects include:

  • Conducting research abroad related to a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.
  • Working as a research assistant for a KU professor doing his/her research overseas.
  • Work being done after a KU degree will be received.
  • Enrolling in a language course abroad that is offered at KU.
  • Participation in a KU-sponsored overseas study program or course, or one resulting in credits to be applied toward a KU degree.
  • Fulfilling an internship requirement of a degree program.
  • Presenting a paper at an overseas conference.

Applications are due March 11, 2022. 

Pre-Dissertation Travel Grant

International Affairs will support a limited number of $1,000 grants. The purpose of this program is to help support six- to eight-week trips for preliminary dissertation field activities, such as exploring potential research sites, archives and other research resources; establishing institutional affiliations; and identifying and meeting with local scholars and contacts as appropriate, that take place in Latin America. 

Evaluators will consider scholarly achievement; validity and feasibility of the proposal; requisite language preparation; faculty support as indicated by letters of reference; impact the work will have on the dissertation research plan; and availability of alternate sources of funding. Priority will be given to activities that will increase the applicant’s competitiveness for extramural international dissertation research grants.

Applicants may be students from any discipline or department; must be enrolled in a program leading to the Ph.D. at the University of Kansas; and must have completed two years worth of graduate course work prior to the beginning date of proposed research--at least one year at KU. Applicants should not have completed comprehensive exams prior to the research period.

Applications are due March 11, 2022.


Contact: Whitney Denning, Events Manager