KU-UCR Exchange Support Fund

Arenal Vocal, Costa Rica

Due to current international travel challenges, the timeline to utilize funds awarded in 2022 has been extended. Funds received within the 2022 grant cycle must be used for activities specified in the original proposal materials. Travel for this international activity must initiate prior to the end of FY23 or June 30, 2023.

The KU-UCR Exchange Support Fund, administered by International Affairs, prioritizes support for faculty exchange development between KU and the University of Costa Rica. The fund can also be used to support KU faculty research in Costa Rica or elsewhere in Latin America.

Proposals for Faculty Research

Eligible applicants for individual faculty research projects are tenured or tenure-track faculty members at KU who seek funding to pursue research in Costa Rica or elsewhere in Latin America that will result in a scholarly publication. Applicants who have not received support from the KU-UCR Exchange Support Fund in the past three years will receive priority. Grant recipients will be asked to submit a one-page report on research activities and outcomes and to acknowledge the support of International Affairs in resulting publications. International Affairs may request grant recipients to offer a presentation on their research to the campus community or serve on future grant selection committees up to three years post-award. KUIA will begin accepting proposals for the 23-24 academic year in January 2023.

Proposals should include:

  1. An official letter of request (not to exceed three single-spaced pages). Include specifics of the planned research such as the nature of the topic and its importance, plans for publication and/or inclusion in teaching, the research site, the length of the stay abroad, etc.);
  2. A two-page curriculum vitae, a budget, information on other sources of support or potential support and an endorsement from the applicant’s department chair;
  3. If applicants have previously received an award from this fund, an additional one-page statement of the results of the activities and publications accomplished as a result of that award is required.

Proposals for Institutional Exchange and Academic Collaboration

To obtain funding for projects involving an institutional exchange or academic collaboration, the applicant’s department/school must provide matching funds with any funding requested from the KU-UCR Exchange Support Fund. The matching funds should come from the department/school and not from the central administration. Funds are intended to be used by the KU faculty and staff to initiate and support an institutional partnership between partner universities in order to promote research, student exchange and curriculum development.

Letters of application should include:

  1. A description of the project, including its benefit to KU;
  2. A schedule for the project;
  3. A list of participating KU faculty;
  4. An overall budget that also shows department/school's matching funds;
  5. A letter from the department chair or dean endorsing the project and acknowledging the department/school's commitment to matching funds.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please email proposals to Whitney Denning at whitneydenning@ku.edu.


Contact: Whitney Denning, Events Manager