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International Travel Fund for Humanities Research

The International Travel Fund for Humanities Research supports KU faculty pursuing international humanities research abroad. The fund provides for summer research projects. Eligible faculty may receive up to $2000 for funds to cover airfare and related travel expenses.

Selection Criteria

Eligibility is limited to tenured or tenure-track faculty members at KU who engage in humanities research. Such faculty do not have to occupy faculty lines in explicitly “humanities” schools or departments. Applicants must seek funding to pursue research on an international topic that will result in a scholarly publication. Preference will be given to faculty in the first five years of their scholarly career and to tenured faculty who are developing new lines of research. Applicants who have not received summer international research grants from International Programs in the past three summers will receive priority. Grant recipients will be asked to submit a one-page report on activities and outcomes and to acknowledge the support of International Programs in resulting publications.

Application Process

  1. Submit an official letter of request (not to exceed three single-spaced pages). Include specifics of the planned research such as the nature of the topic and its importance, plans for publication and/or inclusion in teaching, the research site, the length of the stay abroad, etc.).
  2. Submit a two-page curriculum vitae, a budget, information on other sources of support or potential support and an endorsement from the applicant’s department chair.
  3. If applicants have previously received an award from this fund, an additional one-page statement of the results of the activities and publications accomplished as a result of that award is required.
  4. Save all application materials (including the letter of support) as a single .pdf file. The title of the application file should contain the applicant’s last name. Please put “International Travel Fund for Humanities Research” in the subject line and email to Whitney Denning at whitneydenning@ku.edu.
  5. The deadline for submission of proposals is March 16, 2018. We will notify recipients by April 20.

Additional Considerations

In addition to supporting the faculty member’s research activity, this award is intended to help develop the international orientation, expertise and outreach of KU. Special consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • show ways in which their work and study abroad will provide a significant international experience for themselves;
  • show how the travel will contribute in a direct way to the internationalization of KU’s curriculum by, for example, showing how the contents of at least one of their regular courses will be modified or how a new course will be developed;
  • indicate a willingness to speak, after they return, to university or community groups about important issues in the places they visited;
  • and exhibit a willingness to contact KU alumni while abroad.

Megan Greene, Director of Faculty Programs



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