The KU Agreement Process

  1. A department or unit proposes a relationship with an international entity by contacting Dr. Rachel Sherman Johnson, Director, Internationalization & Partnerships at Agreement requests should be initiated by a KU administrator or faculty member, not by the prospective partner.
  2. KU International Affairs (KUIA) receives and reviews the request, and works with the proposing department or unit to select the appropriate KU agreement text. The most commonly used document is the Agreement of Cooperation (AOC), which may also be referred to by prospective partners abroad as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 
  3. If the prospective partner has already shared and would prefer to use their own agreement text, KUIA works with the Office of General Counsel (OGC) to approve the partner's text. Please note that use of a partner's text significantly increases the amount of time needed to complete an agreement.
  4. KUIA completes restricted party screenings on the prospective partner and all document signatories, and works with the Office of Global Operations and Security (GOS) to ensure compliance with federal law.
  5. If the prospective partner has provided a version of the agreement text in a language other than English, KUIA seeks a translation check from a KU staff or faculty member fluent in that language.
  6. KUIA provides an unsigned draft agreement to the requesting department or unit, and the department sends the draft to the prospective partner.
  7. The partner circulates two to five copies of the draft (depending on type of agreement) for signature, and mails the signed documents back to KUIA.
  8. The Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs signs the document.
  9. KUIA submits the document to OGC, where it is signed by the Chancellor.
  10. One copy of the finalized agreement is mailed back to the partner.
  11. If a new partner, the agreement is logged in the directory of international agreements.

Directory of International Agreements


For questions about international partnership agreements, contact Dr. Rachel Sherman Johnson, director of internationalization & partnerships.