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Governing Board

2018-19 Officers

President: Lars Leon, Resource Sharing Librarian, Head of Organizational Development

Past President: Ketty Wong-Cruz, Associate Professor, Music

Vice President/President Elect: Martin Nedbal, Assistant Professor, Music

Domestic Student Vice-President: Matti Dimmick

International Student Vice-President:  Greg Leung

Treasurer: Yvonnes Chen, Associate Professor, Journalism and Mass Communications

Secretary: Mike Ediger, Associate Director, International Student Services

Chapter Coordinator: Emma Hage, Administrative Assistant, Office of International Programs

Faculty Advisor: John Kennedy, Associate Professor, Political  Science

The Governing Board meets approximately twice each semester to plan chapter events. In addition to elected officers, the chapter coordinator participates on the governing board. The primary responsibilities of the Governing Board officers include the following:

  • Serve as policy board and governing body for the chapter.
  • Provide leadership for the chapter in its goal to recognize international scholarship on campus.
  • Represent the society to members and potential members.
  • Plan, promote, and participate in chapter events designed to facilitate the recognition of international education on campus.
  • Encourage members of the chapter to nominate potential members, submit scholarly works to the society journal, propose papers for the annual conference, and participate in chapter events.

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